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RSF Elektronik: Tiny Linear Encoder

The MS 15 optical kit style encoder is only 36 mm x 13.5mm x 14.8 mm in size.

Aw 40206 Rsf Ms 15 Dual

It provides a 40 micron grating pitch on an 8 mm wide steel tape carrier that has a double-stick backing for mounting directly to the machine axis. The measuring tape comes with accuracies of ±5 or ±15 microns per meter and comes in lengths up to 20 meters. The tape allows users to choose the reference mark, as the marks are printed every 50 mm and a sticker placed on the scale is used to highlight which reference mark is needed. Separate stickers can be placed on the scale to be detected by the reader head which sends the limit signals to the control or readout. The reader head has built-in online compensation that continuously adjusts signal deviations of amplitude, offset, and phase over a wide range, which reduces interpolation error significantly. The reader head also has a status LED that indicates to the user the mounting condition of the reader head with respect to the scale. The reader head is available with 1 Volt peak to peak analog output, or a digital TTL output with a resolution down to 100 nanometers. Velocity of the reader head can be up to 10 meters per second.

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RSF Elektronik

Also fill in Industry Type and, if applicable, specific industry. metrology, semiconductor, medical and automation.

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