Fluke: Line Scanning Accessory for Optical Pyrometers

Oct. 9, 2015
The SpotScan accessory is used with Endurance, Marathon, and Modline 5 and 7 Series sensors.

When mounted to the front of the sensor, the accessory enables the user to gather temperature information over a larger area on the target due to the scanning mechanism inside the accessory. This enables industrial facilities to continue to use their IR temperature sensors to achieve small spot sizes on the measurement target, but also "spot sweep" over the target to see a larger area - thus obtaining additional information on critical production processes. Users can see a hot spot over a larger area and continuously monitor the analog output for temperature variations that exceed defined limits. The accessory allows plant operators to employ signal conditioning sensor capabilities to obtain temperature information in a variety of different ways. For example, use of the "peak picker" function helps identify hot spots over a larger area. The averaging/response time functions provide average temperature over an extended range. The unit is available with options for sighting the IR instrument and periodically checking sighting accuracy. Onboard controls make it easy to manipulate the end or center positions of the scan, as well as its frequency.

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