Posital: Stainless Steel Rotary Sensors

Nov. 27, 2015
IXARC rotary sensors are available with V4A-rated stainless steel housings and IP69K-level environmental seals.

These encoders are suitable for applications in the food and beverage industries since they can stand up to highly aggressive cleaning procedures and still deliver the reliability and measurement performance demanded by motion control systems. The stainless steel housings are also available in explosion-proof (ATEX-rated) designs that can operate safely in environments with potentially dangerous levels of explosive dust or gases. These models are ideal for grain or flour-handling facilities. Encoders are available with a wide variety of output interfaces, ranging from analog to industrial Ethernet. The analog-output devices (also known as programmable potentiometers) are designed to function as a 'drop-in' replacement for conventional multi-turn potentiometers in simple control systems. Because they are based on a magnetic sensor technology that requires no physical contact between measuring components, POSITAL encoders are immune from the wear and corrosion that can degrade the accuracy of conventional resistance-type pots. Programmability means that they can be readily configured to meet each application's exact requirements.

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