IT Performance Monitoring Software

Sept. 13, 2016
Sightline Assure 2.0 from Sightline Systems enables users to monitor multiple servers and access control servers, applications, manufacturing sensor data, storage devices, network devices, peripherals such as cameras and door locks and more.

New views and customized dashboards make the software easier to use, providing the ability to view systems across the entire stack, from the hardware to the OS, applications, networking devices, storage arrays and more, enabling users to proactively diagnose, address, restart and remedy issues quickly. The tool also enables continuous monitoring in order to predict performance issues and prevent unplanned downtime and data loss. It can restart failed applications, or even alert on a full storage array. It boils down more than 700 different metrics into easy-to-understand and actionable notifications. Its user-friendly, graphical dashboard highlights all active alerts and provides a comprehensive history for all mission-critical servers, operating systems and monitored applications. It helps users gain more real-time knowledge about the issues, when they began, how long they’ve lasted and if they could be restarted.

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