New Sensor Reportedly an Industry First

Jan. 15, 2013
Keyence says its new metal photoelectric sensor is the smallest metal sensor in its class.

Rising up from what was once considered by many to be lowly data collection duties, sensors are suddenly gaining a lot of attention. All the focus on emerging topics such as Big Data and the Industrial Internet has put the spotlight on sensors as the first level of interaction between these high-level concepts and the real world on which they “report.”

As a result, its not a surprise to see a lot of activity on the new sensor product front, with recent releases by Sick, AutomationDirect, and TruSense just to name a few.

A new entry into the industrial sensor field brings with it an “industry first” claim. In this case, the claim is that it is the smallest photoelectronic sensor in its class.

The PR-M/F Series of sensors from Keyence are reportedly 81 percent smaller than conventional photoelectric sensors. Beyond its small size, Keyence cites the sensor series’ “hybrid structure” as a key feature. This hybrid structure, comprising a resin filled SUS316L stainless steel body, allows the PR-M/F Series sensors to withstand approximately five times greater shock than conventional models, according to the company. Keyence notes the heavy-duty body is also highly resistant to oils, acids, and alkaline detergents, and maintains both IP67 and IP69K enclosure ratings.

Operating functions of the sensor series are also among the noteworthy facets of this new product. Keyence says the sensors in the PR-M/F sensor series operate at a higher light frequency than most typical light sources, thereby reducing the influence of external light. In addition, a built-in cross talk prevention function ensures that multiple PR-M/F Series sensor deployments will not interfere with each other when used in close proximity.

Other key features of the new sensor series include:
• The ability to automatically adjust power use to maintain stable detection of targets of varying colors or angles;
• Standard M3 mounting holes to allow installation without the need for special tools.
• No requirement for sensitivity adjustment after installation;
• Visible indicators to indicate the presence or absence of a part; and
• Both Light-ON and Dark-ON outputs included on the sensors.

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