Faustel Updates Technology Center with Sensors from Yokogawa

April 2, 2014
Yokogawa announces the inclusion of its WEBFREX3ES online sensor to Faustel’s Technology Center.
Yokogawa announces the inclusion of its WEBFREX3ES online sensor to Faustel’s Technology Center. The sensor performs accurate online measurements of film and sheet thickness. It produces graphs (profiles) that give a quick grasp of the distribution, which can be used to control thickness and ensure that all films and sheets coming off the production line have a uniform thickness. 
The sensors were added to both the 300 mm Labmaster Pilot Coater and the 600 mm Production-Level Pilot Coating Line. Both lines are capable of aqueous and solvent-based coating using a wide variety of methods including slot die, comma roll, knife-over roll, gravure, and hot-melt coating
“We don’t have to stop and start the line,” said Jay Totten, Technology Center Manager at Faustel. “We make coat-weight adjustments on the run.”
Faustel’s Technology Center is a modern process and product development resource available to converters and to coating and adhesive formulators. The Center features a 610m/min., 600mm (2000 fpm, 24″) wide pilot line that incorporates all major coating and curing/drying capabilities. The Technology Center allows converters to closely emulate processes used on their production lines.
WEBFREX3ES consists of up to five frames, which accommodate a Beta-ray type sensor, a measurement manager station to generate coat weight profiles, operator stations, and a profile stack server. The system is equipped with various functions provided for the battery electrode process, including high-speed and high-precision synchronization scanning, automatic identification of coated or non-coated parts, zone trend panel, profile data tracking and a material coefficient window. All major components are originally developed and manufactured at Yokogawa factories under the high quality control policy proven by their highly reliable DCS and field instruments.
Faustel’s Technology Center assists converters in developing processes for new products or improves existing web products from initial laboratory coating to full-scale manufacturing. UV and EB curing and thermal drying in roller support or floatation configurations are available. More than 40 coating methods provide a full range of application possibilities. Four unwinds and three rewinds allow a wide variety of web paths, putting numerous combinations of coating and laminating capabilities at the user’s disposal.
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