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Does Your Dog Need a Smart Toilet?

Ever wished your dog could use a toilet? Your wish just came true.


There are times when it's just no fun walking the dog: Snow storms,100 degree heat, thunderstorms. And then there's the mornings when it would be so nice just to stay in bed. Well, one company is proposing a solution: Meet BrilliantPad, a “smart dog toilet” being touted as the world’s first self-cleaning indoor dog potty.

The clean-up process for the dog toilet is pretty straightforward. Once your dog goes on a pad, the system sends the soiled pad into a latched trap that wraps it around a roll that will seal in waste and eliminate odors. When the fresh pad supply is finished, doggie owners simply dispose of the used roll. A roll, which is designed to last up to several weeks, is equal to 27 traditional pads, making it an environmentally friendly option. Pads are sized for dogs 35 lbs and under.

BrillantPads are coming to stores this summer with pre-order early-bird pricing of $149. 

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