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Send Your Friends a Drink Over the Internet

Singapore researchers digitally transmitted the look and taste of lemonade over the Internet.


We send email, our latest pics, maybe even share our favorite music video over the Internet. Well, now researchers have figured out a way to send virtual drinks over the Web.

Researchers at the National University of Singapore leveraged a system of electrodes and sensors to digitally transmit the basic look and taste of lemonade to a plain glass of water. The goal was to allow people congregating online to share sensory experiences as if they were together, according to an article that appeared on

The research team used color and pH sensors to capture the lemony hue and acidity of the lemonade, the article said, and the data was then transmitted to electrodes placed on a glass of plain water. Those receiving electrodes then stimulated the drinker’s taste buds and LED lights were used to mimic the lemon color resulting in an experience that was meant to feel like drinking lemonade.

The researchers believe that social media sharing is just the start for how this technology could be applied. Consider the weight-management potential! By indulging in virtual drinks, people could get the experience of sugary refreshments without actually experiencing any impact on blood sugar or other health issues. The project also taps into the broader push to meld virtual reality capabilities into social platforms to encourage more immersive communication.

I’ll drink to that!

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