Quality control assured with supply chain software release

Oct. 17, 2018
An Enhanced Quality Solution for Nulogy’s supply chain software addresses CPG and co-packer quality and regulatory requirements.

Nulogy has long been a primary supplier of agile supply chain solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods companies and their external supplier networks. At PACK EXPO International, the software company launched its Enhanced Quality Solution, which it explained can help brand owners and contract packaging service providers protect consumer safety with the quality control and conformance capabilities needed to uphold standards for regulated and quality-centric industries.

Citing the Contract Packaging Association’s recent “State of the Industry Report 2018,” Nulogy remarked that “70% of contract packaging and contract manufacturing companies are concerned that the regulatory environment will have a significant and possible negative impact over the next three years.”

“Supplier quality initiatives are a major priority for CPG brands, second only to cost,” said Kevin Wong, COO at Nulogy. “Our latest release ensures that we continue to support our CPG customers and their late-stage customization suppliers in upholding the high quality standards and stringent regulatory requirements that drive industries such as food, personal care, and over-the-counter products.”

Nulogy’s Enhanced Quality Solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Traceability: Audit trails ensure that businesses have full traceability over the modification of regulated electronic records and other high-risk activities that may impact product quality, consumer safety, or data integrity.
  • Evidence of safe product handling: Electronic batch records enable businesses to provide evidence that a batch of product was produced according to specification and is safe for release to market. It helps businesses fulfill one of the most critical requirements under GMP regulation. Said Nulogy, unlike other solutions on the market that can require substantial amounts of manual entry, the automation of electronic batch recording within the Nulogy platform serves to improve data integrity and streamline processes within the production environment.
  • Seamless digital sign-offs: Electronic signatures make it easy for the right user to sign off on critical activities. This capability effectively controls the approval and review of regulated events through user identity verification.
  • Digitized and integrated quality processes: The quality inspection process is streamlined through the auto-population of production data into quality inspection forms, and the process is enforced through mandatory inspection checkpoints that eliminate shortcuts and workarounds.

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