Schmersal: Compact, Safety Rated Position Switches

The PS116 Series of limit switches determine the positions of movable machine components or machine guards that can be moved laterally or rotated.

Aw 35552 1501np Schmersal

For ease of installation, the limit switches are available prewired with either an M12 connector or a 2-meter cable lead, on the bottom or side of the housing. Since the housing is symmetrical, the switches can be mounted with the cable or connector to the left or right. Switches are available with ten actuator elements - plungers, roller levers, and a rod lever - that are field adjustable, to be set in one of eight positions (45° steps) to meet application requirements. The compact body design is suited for use in confined spaces to monitor the position or presence of moving parts, work pieces or conveyed materials. The housings are die-cast zinc and heavy duty thermoplastic and are dust tight and sealed to withstand strong water jets (IP66) and submersion in water (IP67), suitable for use in all industrial environments.

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