Machine Vision Assures Automotive Part Quality

Jan. 31, 2010
Engineering Specialties, Inc. (ESI), a second tier supplier, manufactures a small, but critical, water-sealed Torx™ screw assembly used in airbag control systems. To ensure 40,000 parts per week are manufactured and inspected with zero defects, ESI relies on DALSA's machine vision solutions.
"First Tier" automotive suppliers make subassemblies from parts provided by "Second Tier" manufacturers. These subassmblies - for example, steering wheels - are inspected when received at the automotive assembly plant. Any defects found can cause a quality rejection (QR) of the entire lot of subassemblies, with corresponding financial penalties against the supplier. Even worse, workers will "pull the red line" to stop the assembly line if a defective part is found. In this case there are substantial financial penalties for the supplier, often based on the time (to the minute) that the line is down.Download white paper