Vision Rules! Intelligent vision system ensures every product gets camera time

Feb. 18, 2010
A global brand of personal care products found some of its own plant staff was breaking the rules, letting products with incorrect or misaligned labels slide through the vision system. The solution from CI Vision (Aurora, IL) was their Pro Series, a line of inspection systems for contract packagers featuring the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL).
When a product batch is ready for inspection, an operator sets up the inspection type on a touch‐screen interface; the same interface used on all CI Vision products. The base model features two GigE Vision® cameras in steel housings that are installed on either side of the conveyor where the products pass; up to four cameras can be installed depending on the customer's requirements. The vision system is controlled by a custom‐built PC, but some units are shipped with the Matrox 4Sight X industrial PC. The CIVCore® software that controls the image acquisition and inspection tasks is built from the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL).Download white paper