Actuator-matching Program Expanded

The vendor’s Your Motor Here (YMH) program has been expanded to include more than 80 actuator products in nine different series for inline and reverse-parallel drive configurations.

Aw 786 1103 Par Np11

YMH allows designers to match almost 50 brands and more than 900 models of servo and stepper motors to the vendor’s actuators. From a series of drop-down windows, the user can select the motor manufacturer of choice, choose the motor series and select the motor model, and a list of the vendor’s matching actuators will be displayed. Once the actuator of choice is selected, verification of the motor and mounting plate dimensions can be made. Links are also provided to the vendor’s Sizing and Selection software to verify that the selected actuator is sized correctly, including a link to actuator 3D/2D CAD files.

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