Encoder Options Fill Stepper Line

Feb. 2, 2011
With the addition of encoder options for 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motors, the vendor’s entire range of stepping motors (including 0.9º and 1.8º stepping motors) now has the option for an encoder.

Additionally, the stepping motors are available as a stepping motor only or as a stepping motor and driver package.  The new stepping motor encoder options for 0.36º and 0.72º motors are: 500 or 1000 pulses/rev; 2- or 3-channel; and TTL or Differential (line driver type). For 0.36º and 0.72º stepping motors, the CRK stepping motor and driver package is available, featuring: pulse input 24 volt driver with 500 or 1000 pulses/rev and 2- or 3-channel TTL type encoders; and built-in controller type with 500 or 1000 pulses/rev and 3-channel differential line driver type encoders.

Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp.

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