High-power Soft Starts

RSQK Series high-power intelligent soft starts decrease wear and tear of mechanical transmission components such as belts, while reducing mechanical stress on gears, shafts and pulleys, says the vendor, thanks to a smooth and step-less acceleration and deceleration.

Aw 936 1102 Np15

Compared to variable frequency drives, RSQK soft starts are said to provide a cost advantage for industrial applications in higher power range (>100HP), as they can be connected inside the motor delta. This means that a smaller soft start can be used for the same motor rating. RSQK Series soft starts are also well-suited for controlling large pumps, fans and mixers in the 200-500HP range that generally require only a limited number of starts and stops. RSQK Series soft starts include an automatic energy optimizing feature that can increase efficiency, especially in lightly loaded applications. An automatic application set-up is designed to lower installation costs and speeds up commissioning.

Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

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