High-performance Motor Driver Packages

Four new linear motor driver packages are designed for greater ease of use and higher performance in positioning applications.

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With a belt and pulley mechanism and an aluminum frame structure, the SPV Series is well-suited for linear applications requiring long strokes at high speeds. The EZC II Series is a space saving ball screw system well-suited for high speed positioning or applications in which the load is pushed or pulled. The EZC II series replaces the EZC, EZHC and EZHP motorized cylinders. With a built-in guide, the EZA Series motorized cylinder offers improved performance and greater ease of use while maintaining a compact size. Well-suited for high thrust force, with the use of gears and a ball screw, along with the folded motor configuration, the PWAII Series cylinders achieve a compact size perfect for applications with push motion and pressurized positioning.

Oriental Motor USA Corp.

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