Asset Management Goes Small

FactoryTalk AssetCentre Machine Edition is designed to help smaller manufacturers and machine builders with a limited number of automation assets maximize their automation investment while minimizing downtime.

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The software provides manufacturers with a centralized tool for gathering, managing and securing data on up to 25 devices, such as control systems, drives and human-machine interface devices, using a single workstation. Manufacturers can respond to new opportunities, production changes or problems through a set of asset-centric tools designed to help improve production system security, minimize risk, maximize uptime and improve operational efficiency. The software offers version control and archiving of program files and documents, provides back-up and recovery of operating asset configurations, tracks users’ actions, and manages asset configuration files on the vendor’s devices. The new version allows machine builders to provide electronic versions of archived files, prints and drawings for delivery to end-users, and to maintain an electronic record of the original configuration of the devices for warranty purposes.

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