DC Motors Expand Capabilities

A total of 45 new DC electric motors in five families are claimed to significantly expand the capabilities of electric motors in large, portable power equipment that use batteries.

Aw 2047 1003 Bosch
The motors range from 12V or 24V and are housed in rugged cases weighing between 0.5 and 3.8kg with up to 750W of power. The motor families are: CHP family—15 motors, 12/24V; nominal current 0.7-10A, nominal power 12-53W, breakaway torque 3-30 Nm; CEP family—six motors, all 24V; nominal current 2.5-7A, nominal power 10.5-26W, breakaway torque 20-40 Nm; GPA family—eight motors, 12/24V; nominal current 14-75A, nominal power 455-750W, breakaway torque 6.4-12Nm: CPB family—10 motors, 12/24V; nominal current 2.5-13A, nominal power 24-120W, breakaway torque 26-450Nm; FPG family—six motors, 12/24V; nominal current 3.5-9A, nominal power 8.9-11.6W, breakaway torque 9-12.2Nm.

Robert Bosch LLC

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