Microscope Autofocus Boosts Throughput

The FocusTrac laser auto focus provides real-time focus for most infinite conjugate microscope systems including those manufactured by Olympus, Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, and Mitutoyo.

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It can be configured to work with many older finite conjugate microscope systems as well as individual telecentric optics. The FocusTrac design is based upon a modified optical version of the “mean transfer function” commonly used in CD/DVD players. By applying advanced optics, mechanics and electronics, the FocusTrac is designed to differentiate between “in-focus,” “above focus” and “below focus” conditions to produce a relative error signal that can be used to drive the position of the microscope and objectives relative to the sample of interest into an “in focus” condition. Use of the FocusTrac can produce a substantial increase in throughput and reduced processing time for an automated or manual inspection system, says the vendor. Applications include semiconductor wafers and devices, hard-disk read/write heads and disks, razor blades, photovoltaic substrates, MEMs devices, flat panel displays and other inspection and vision-based applications.

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