Drives Extend to 25 HP

The vendor has extended ratings of its ACS350 general machinery drives to 20 and 25HP, at 480 volts.

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These drives are RoHS-compliant, with coated boards, and are well-suited for a wide range of machinery applications in the food processing, material handling, textiles, printing, rubber and plastics, semiconductor, automotive and woodworking industries. The new 25 HP units are 7.13 inches high, 6.65 inches deep, and 10.24 inches wide. Features include: patented FlashDrop technology (which allows the menu structure to be customized), eight-state sequence programming, a flexible user interface, high-speed communications and cabinet-compatible hardware. DIN-rail mounting is included on all units, and the drives can be mounted side-by-side without air gaps. ACS350 drives are available in single-phase (240V) rated up to 3HP; three-phase (240V) up to 5HP; three-phase (480V) up to 25HP.

ABB Automation Products,
Low Voltage Drives

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