Optimize Motor Speed Control

The FE100/FE200 RoHS-compliant speed controller drives and controls a wide range of the vendor’s 3-phase fractional horsepower AC induction motors.

Aw 3799 Orien 63
As the speed controller parameters have been set for motors in advance, the motor performance can be maximized at both low and high speeds. The speed controller has a 200 to 2400 rpm (12:1) speed range that can be set through the speed knob on the front of the speed controller box. The speed setting can also be accomplished using an external 0-10VDC source. There is a setting feature for establishing the motor’s output power of 6 watts to 90 watts output for the FE100 speed controller. The FE200 extends the power level operation from 25 watts to 200 watts output. Other functions include individual acceleration/deceleration time settings between 0.1 seconds to up to 30 seconds.

Oriental Motor USA Corp.

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