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Motors Get Nickel Plating

A new selection of factory nickel-plated models has been added to the vendor’s Char-Lynn line of spool valve motors.

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The new motors, available in the Char-Lynn H Series, S Series, and T Series are well-suited for food and beverage industry applications and other freshwater wash-down applications in which corrosion protection is critical. “Many customers have been using third-party sources to nickel-plate standard Char-Lynn motors for these applications,” said Jason Dalebroux, a product manager at the vendor. “Now they have a source of factory-plated motors covered by the Char-Lynn standard warranty and with a 15-day delivery lead time.” These spool valve motors distribute fluid into and out of the Gerotor (H Series) or Geroler (S and T Series) orbit gearset through valve slots machined into the output shaft. The motors provide high torque at low speeds, and offer instant shaft reversal by changing the direction of input/output flow through the motor.

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