High-inertia Servo Motors

Designed for demanding high-performance servo applications, MaxPlus-J (MPJ) motors offer the same design specifications as the vendor’s MPP (MaxPlusPlus) motors but give users higher inertia.

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The MPJ’s inertia boost comes from its special inertia flywheel, which adds from three to 10 times the inertia of a standard MPP servo motor. This flywheel replaces the more expensive gearbox the vendor traditionally added to the motor for applications where the customer has a high load-to-rotor inertia mismatch. Now, on these applications, users can simply use an MPJ motor, saving money and eliminating the speed constraints normally associated with a gearhead. MPJ motors are available in sizes 92, 100, 115 and 142, with continuous torque ranging from 1.3Nm (12lb-in) to 20Nm (173lb-in).

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