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MPT Uses NI PAC Platform with Motion and Vision Products to Build Wafer Scriber

Developing a highly automated wafer scriber that requires minimal service and engineering support.

The initial Micro Processing Technology, Inc. (MPT) mission was to develop advanced computer control technology for the semiconductor equipment industry. In fact, MPT did this successfully for several years, selling hardware and software packages based on National Instruments products to companies retrofit semiconductor manufacturing equipment. In 2001, MPT began working on a project with SurvUs Company, an enterprise supplying high- level, wafer dicing services. The two companies saw a need for a highly automated wafer scriber that required minimal service and engineering support. As a result, the two companies developed the Model 24-7 High-Precision Scribe Dicing System.

After device fabrication completion on a semiconductor wafer, engineers must cut the wafer into individual circuits and devices. For most standard silicon devices, engineers carry out this dicing and singulation process using a very thin, diamond-coated saw blade. Some devices and circuits must be diced using other methods. Engineers fabricate some of these devices and circuits on thin material that is damaged by the saw vibrations. In addition, engineers fabricate other devices and circuits on very expensive starting materials, such as gallium arsenide or indium phosphide. The saw blade creates debris that harms other circuits and devices, such as MEMS and imaging devices. Engineers dice these and others using scribe dicing technology. In this process, the system draws a sharp diamond tip across the wafer surface between the circuits and devices along a crystallographic plane direction to form a scribe line with precise positioning and depth. The system then breaks and cleaves the wafer along this scribe line.

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