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Hi-temp Sensors Break Ground

The CQ40 and CQ80 high-temperature sensors not only provide the longest sensing range of their type in the industry, but also are the first to incorporate a sensing head separate from the electronic amplifier assembly, says the vendor.

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Sensors used in high-temperature applications have a shortened lifetime, typically 2000 hours, due to environmental conditions. The separate sensing head and amplifier design of the CQ40 and CQ80 means that when a unit needs replacement, only the sensing head exposed to the high temperature environment needs to be replaced, instead of the entire unit. This reduces operating costs, while lessening maintenance down time, says the vendor. The CQ40 and CQ80 operate at up to 250° C (482° F), and provide 40mm and 80mm sensing ranges, respectively, billed as the farthest in the industry for high temperature sensors.

Turck Inc.


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