High Efficiency Motors, Drives

March 1, 2006
The Ecoheart family of high efficiency permanent magnet motors and drives is targeted at OEMs, enabling them to create their own customized drive systems.

Compared to conventional standard induction motors, Ecoheart permanent magnet technology achieves 10% higher efficiency because t4he internal power less is reduced by 50%, says the vendor. Also, the volume of the motor and weight of the motor is reduced by 50% and 35% respectively, due to high performance magnets and a new method of winding the stator. Sinusoidal motor current waveforms developed by Ecoheart achieve low torque ripple, low vibration and acoustic noise and much reduced harmonics. Ecoheart drives have no standard form factor and can be OEM unique. The current release is optimized for water pump applications, but will be expanded in the future for other applications such as fans, compressors and conveyors.