Scalable Servo Motors

Jan. 1, 2005
The IndraDyn S series of synchronous servo motors are scalable in power, performance and precision to meet specific user application requirements.

Each motor pole is individually wound prior to stator assembly to eliminate end turns and maximize copper content, providing the greatest power output in the shortest possible motor design. The IndraDyn S is available in a wide range of frame sizes and lengths to achieve torque rates from 0.1 to 240 Nm. The larger motor sizes are available with high- or low-inertia rotors for optimized inertia matching. Basic and advanced versions of the IndraDyn S deliver scalable performance and precision. The basic version offers flange and rotational accuracy according to tolerance class N, and is equipped with Hiperface encoders delivering 128 increments per revolution. The advanced version, designed for high precision applications, is equipped with a high resolution EnDat encoder delivering 2048 increments per revolution plus flange and rotational accuracy within tolerance class R.