Current Sensor

April 1, 2004
The CSNX Series Magnetoresistive Current Sensor relies on an application specific integrated circuit and a magnetoresistive magnetic sensor to provide low offset drift of 3.2 ppm/ºC over a temperature range of -40ºC to 85ºC.

The sensor operates from a 5VDC unipolar supply and has an accessible, internal 2.5VDC voltage reference. The sensor can operate from either an internal or external voltage reference, thus enabling several sensors to be used without offset imbalance. Three primary pins enable a CSNX Series Magnetoresistive Current Sensor to be configured for different measuring ranges. The current output signal enables different load resistors to be used, depending on the application. While designed for the motion control market, this current sensor series is well-suited for applications including servo drives, variable speed drives, frequency converters, power supply systems, over-current protection, uninterruptible power supplies, automotive and power metering.