Fast, High-Torque Motor

March 1, 2004
The IndraDyn H synchronous motors are kit motors that have been optimized for high torque and speeds up to 30,000 rpm. They consist of a three-phase-wound stator and a permanent-magnet rotor.

The motors offer the advantages of synchronous motor technology with the operational characteristics of asynchronous motors. Wide constant-output-power (field-weakening) ranges, short ramp-up-to-speed times and low rotor temperatures make the motors suitable for use in main spindles and other high-speed applications. They can provide up to 6,500 Nm of torque and achieve speeds of up to 30,000 rpm with acceleration times that are up to 2.5 times faster than comparable asynchronous motors. IndraDyn H motors are designed for operation with bus voltages of up to 750 V. The motor windings are protected against thermal overload by integrated temperature sensors and, when used with Rexroth’s intelligent digital drive family, IndraDrive, eliminate the need for external protection.