Double for Nothing (Almost)

Dec. 1, 2003
Model RG linear drives are available with 3- or 4-ring bearing assemblies inside the drive unit. For smaller drives, adding the fourth ring essentially doubles the axial thrust output, yet only slightly increases the length of the drive housing, meaning that users don’t have to redesign for a larger size drive, the vendor says.

Model RG3-33, a 3-ring 30 mm drive, supplies 60 pounds of axial thrust and has a 150 mm long housing. Model RG4-30, the four-ring version, delivers 120 pounds of thrust, yet the housing is only 30 mm longer than the 3-inch version. For drive sizes 40 mm and larger, the 3- and 4-ring drive units have identical dimensions. The drives can provide up to 800 pounds of thrust, with travel speed up to 13 feet/sec. at constant RPMs, over distances of up to 16 feet.

Amacoil Inc.