Indexer Family Expanded

June 26, 2012
New 400 V models have been added to the XD-Series indexing servo drive family.

The new 400 V models, with 1.4, 2.4 and 4.8 kW ratings, support 3x peaking and 50% higher power density. Their small footprint decreases panel space requirements. The complete indexer family includes a full complement of 200 V and 400 V models ranging from 0.6 to 24 kW continuous power rating (3 to 60 amps current). A redundant safety circuit is available for implementing EN13849-1 standards. The drives have rugged steel enclosures that reduce overall EMI emissions. Suggested applications include intelligent conveyor control, ultrasonic welding, pick and place, labeling, linear positioning, feed-to-length, flying shear, rotary knife, stamping, pin insertion, drilling, grinding, tension control, and parts retrieval. Multi-axis applications are implemented by interconnecting more than one indexer. The indexers include MotionSet software, an intuitive interface for simple setup, testing and installation. Intuitive controls such as "drag and drop" I/O assignments, digital scope and menu driven programming make the configuration, debug and installation of complex applications quick and easy. A built-in Motor Wizard simplifies non-standard motor configuration providing seamless integration of most third party motors. This simplifies non-standard motor integration for quick commissioning of existing motors in the field.

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