Motors Maximize Energy Efficiency in Variable Speed Applications

March 8, 2013
NovaTorque motors can reduce wasted energy by 30 to 50% in air handling applications that operate up to 3600 rpm, at a first-cost price comparable to induction motors.

NovaTorque Inc.’s family of Gen2.0 PremiumPlus+ Electronically Commutated Permanent Magnet (ECPM) motors will soon be available in high speed 3hp and 5hp 2400 rpm (maximum speed 3600 rpm) models. Also available in 3hp and 5hp 1800 rpm models (maximum speed 2700 rpm), NovaTorque motors utilize low-cost ferrite magnets in an innovative flux-focusing design to deliver the superior efficiency of rare-earth permanent magnet motors at a price that is competitive with induction motors. Recognized by R&D Magazine as one of the100 most technologically significant products introduced in 2011, these motors will be exhibited in booth 3986 at AHR Expo, January 28-30, 2013, at the Dallas Convention Center in Dallas, TX.

“Anyone can build a high efficiency motor using expensive materials and costly manufacturing tolerances and processes. It is also easy to build a low-cost motor with low efficiency. The real challenge is to build a high efficiency motor with a low manufacturing cost, and our Gen2.0 PremiumPlus motors do that,” says John Petro, NovaTorque Founder and CTO. “Making a significant environmental impact requires that this new motor technology become nearly as ubiquitous as the AC induction motor is today. That can only be achieved by meeting efficiency goals at a cost and price point that encourages widespread adoption. So our goal has been to create the best efficiency per dollar motor available on the market today.”

Driven by variable frequency drives, Gen2.0 PremiumPlus+ ECPM motors boast motor-only rated point efficiencies of 93.0 and 92% percent for 3hp and 5hp versions respectively, far exceeding the levels achieved with induction motors. Additionally, unlike induction motors, NovaTorque’s PremiumPlus+ ECPM motors maintain their high efficiency and high torque over a very broad speed and load range.

“Electric motors are everywhere, and nearly half of the electricity produced in the word is used to drive electric motors. The International Energy Agency estimates that ‘the potential exists to cost effectively improve the energy efficiency of electric motor systems by 20% to 30%,’” explains Emily Liggett, NovaTorque CEO. “Adoption of their recommendations, all easily economically justified, would result in a savings of $110 billion/year in energy costs and a reduction in 1.3 billion tons of CO2 emissions each year. These are significant numbers with enormously positive potential consequences, both economic and environmental. Further, they are based on what was considered the current state of art – premium efficient induction motors driven by variable frequency drives. NovaTorque’s innovative technology, with patented flux-focusing stator and rotor hub geometry, produces this performance with an all-ferrite (versus rare earth) magnet design provides the real potential to significantly increase those savings.”

NovaTorque PremiumPlus+ motors are packaged in standard NEMA frame sizes and mounting dimensions for easy substitution. Due to their high power density, NovaTorque motors are available both in the mounting frame size typical for induction motors, as well as one frame size smaller. NovaTorque PremiumPlus+ motors are compatible with readily available variable frequency drives (VFDs) from most leading manufacturers, including ABB, Yaskawa, Mitsubishi, Fuji, Hitachi, Toshiba, Danfoss, Siemens and others.  

Learn more in Achieving High Electric Motor Efficiency, a technical White Paper written by NovaTorque Chief Technical Officer, John Petro, and in this third party comparison performance report of NovaTorque’s motors by ADM Associates as presented to the Sacramento Municipal Utility District. For qualifying Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), NovaTorque offers a cost free opportunity to evaluate and test the company’s Gen 2.0 PremiumPlus+ motors for 60 days.  

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