Portescap: High Efficiency, High Speed 22 mm ECS Brushless Slotless Motor

Aug. 21, 2013
The 22ECS runs up to 30 percent cooler than similar motors at speeds greater than 50,000 rpm.

An enhanced high efficiency magnetic circuit drastically reduces both iron and recirculation losses. The new motor coil also achieves higher available torque and mechanical power than similar high speed motors, up to 160 watt or 45 mNm of continuous torque. The motor's efficiency allows battery operated applications to run longer between charging cycles and can reduce the size of the battery needed, allowing mobile devices to be smaller and lighter. The motor is suitable for applications requiring frequent quick accelerations to a given high motor speed, and its advanced thermal properties are suited for applications in controlled environments where the air around the motor must stay as cool as possible, or when the motor is mounted into a handheld tool. The motor is specifically designed to meet medical market requirements, including medical ventilation or portable hand-tool applications. The motor can be supplied with a PCB built-in temperature sensor to enable continuous temperature monitoring during peak power operation.

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