Posital-Fraba: Rotary Encoders

Jan. 3, 2014
The IXARC encoders combine the accuracy and dynamic response of optical encoders with the ruggedness and compact form factor of magnetic encoders.

They feature a four-element Hall-effect magnetic sensor linked to a 32-bit microprocessor to provide accuracy and response that previously required larger, more mechanically complex optical encoders. Their compact size and ability to survive dust, moisture and severe shock and vibration loading means that they can be installed virtually anywhere. The microprocessor-centered design also means that operating parameters such as zero point, rotational direction and sensitivity can be modified through simple software updates. Encoders are available in both absolute and incremental versions, with a wide range of packaging and interface options. This includes a variety of instrument interfaces, mounting arrangements, housing materials and shaft seals. Special explosion-proof and safety-rated models are also available.

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