Beumer: Friction Wheel Drive System for Bag and Package Sorters

Sept. 8, 2014
The OptiDrive BS25/55 is an alternative to the asynchronous linear motor drives used previously.

With the new unit the contact pressure of the drive wheel is automatically set depending on the required drive force - both for driving and for braking. This boosts efficiency and enhances the service life of the drive wheels. This system is for the larger models, with mechanically or electrically operated load-bearing elements. The contact pressure with which the drive wheel is pressed against the movable friction blade of the circulating carriage assembly is automatically adjusted proportionally to the required driving power, so that the drive always automatically operates at the optimal operating point. This allows for safe and slip-free starting up of the sorter from a standstill while maintaining efficiency in the most-used partial load range, while at the same time prolonging the service life of the drive wheels. The drive system is designed for a permanent propulsion power of 600 N, and a short-term propulsion power of 1000 N (for acceleration and braking processes) as well as for sorter speeds of up to 3.2 meters per second.

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