LM76: Rail & Roller Block Systems

July 9, 2015
SAIBO SB-LGV straight and curved systems are available in three widths and two styles to meet load requirements up to 7200 N (1619 lb).

These low profile linear and curved rail systems feature low noise, smooth travel, high speed, low weight, high accuracy, sealed radial low friction bearings, low cost, and easy installation into new and existing applications. Systems are available in lengths to 2000 mm (79 in.) and curved sections with radiuses from 79.5 mm (3.13 in.) to 516.5 mm (20.3 in.) in 90O, 180O, and 360O sections. With operating temperatures of -40 to +120 ºC (-40 to +248 ºF) they are suitable for use in robotics, laser cutting, wafer handling, and other precision applications, as well as assembly, pick-and-place, sorting, manufacturing, sampling, or packaging in refrigerated or high heat areas. The roller blocks have an adjustable preload system to control the required level of precision needed for most applications, can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Systems come in nine sizes of roller blocks for straight rails and seven sizes for applications incorporating straight and curved rails. Each block has drilled and tapped holes for mounting tooling, cameras, test equipment, etc. Rollers are available in steel hardened to 60+ RC or in AISI 440C stainless. Straight and curved rails are precision ground from high carbon bearing steel hardened to 50 RC, straightness is to =0.05 mm/1000 mm.

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