PM DC Motor Puts Big Power in a Small Space

Micromo's FAULHABER 2668 CR DC motor offers considerably more power than comparable drives.

Aw 102177 1606np Micromo

It supplies a rated torque of 70 mNm and weighs just 189 g with a diameter of 26 mm, and reaches full power extremely quickly with its high pulse torque. The motor is thus well suited for professional high performance tools such as pruning shears or motorized screwdrivers. Operating voltage ranges from 18 to 48 V, and no-load speed is 7700 to 7900 rpm. The copper-graphite brushes are characterized by stability and low wear, and bearing are pre-loaded ball type. The housing is made of coated steel. The motor can be combined with high-resolution optical or magnetic encoders. As well as handheld devices, it is also suitable for many other applications such as in aerospace, robotics, medical technology, special machinery construction, metering systems and automation solutions.

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