Compact Precision Ring Drive System

The Compact Ring Drive (CRD) system from Nexen features a precision grade bearing and drive mechanism in a sealed housing.

Aw 102179 1606np Nexen

Freely programmable, the three-drive design configurations allow the unit to be optimized for high speed, high torque or both, depending on the application. A 250 or 350 mm dial plate bolt circle diameter and a large open center enables users to optimize performance in a small space. The combination of roller pinion technology with integrated bearing and motor/gearhead deliver a rigid, smooth system with zero backlash options from the motor through the driven load. The drive system is suitable for applications including cutting systems, gantry systems, medical products, robotics, aerospace, machine tool, semiconductor and material handling. Features include indexing precision up to ±30 arc seconds and repeatability up to ±5.1 arc seconds; zero backlash options; high output load capacity of up to 108 kN, speeds up to 225 rpm and smooth motion.

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