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External Motor Drive

The 84855104 BDE PRO from Crouzet is designed to work with the company’s ultra-quiet DCmind brushed motors ranging in diameter from 42 to 62 mm and in power from 15 to 100 W.

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The analog controller is suitable for use in a variety of applications including medical, access control, commercial and industrial applications, and is suitable for rapid prototyping for new product development. The unit controls motor speed and torque with extreme precision in a compact panel-mount package that measures just 5.1 x 3 x 1 inch. Performance characteristics include 25 A peak current and 15 A continuous current while supporting both Hall-effect sensor and incremental encoder type feedback. The drive features four quadrant regenerative operation, DIP switch selectable modes, DIP switch configurable loop tuning, selectable inhibit logic, adjustable current limits and an offset adjustment potentiometer. Other features include a red/green LED that indicates operating status; three operation modes for current, encoder velocity or duty cycle; high switching frequency; differential input command; a digital fault output monitor and an on-board test potentiometer.

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