Stepper Motor Controller Gains Resolution

May 11, 2017
The Mercury stepper motor controller from PI now has 2048-step resolution.

The compact C-663.12 motion controller is designed for 2-phase stepper motors, in open-loop or closed-loop operation commanded by USB or RS-232. Up to 16 units can be combined via daisy chain to operate multi-axis motion systems. The controller includes a 48-V wide-range-input power supply, as well as all cables required for operation. Programmable digital and analog I/O lines and input lines for limit and reference point switches controlled via TTL signals are also integrated. The unit is equipped with a data recorder for high speed tracing, ID chip compatibility for quick start-up and on-the-fly parameter changes, and exchange of system components without recalibration. The controllers are delivered with extensive software packages, including drivers for LabVIEW, as well as dynamic libraries for Windows and Linux.

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