Brushless Servo Motors Deliver High Torque, Speed and Flexibility in a Compact Package

June 29, 2017
The HeiMotion Premium brushless AC servo motor family from Allied Motion Technologies is available in five metric frame sizes with rated torque from 0.12 to 14.4 Nm, and continuous shaft power from 50 W to 3.75 kW.

The motors offer highly accurate torque ratings, energy efficiency and high durability (20,000+ hour life span). A compressed winding technology allows for a compact size, as well as lower production costs compared to competitive motors. The series is highly configurable in thousands of combinations to fit virtually any application. It is engineered for use in the machine tools, autonomous vehicles, robots, medical diagnostic equipment and similar high performance applications. Features include standard flange sizes of 40, 60, 80, 100 and 130 mm; top speed from 2000 up to 9000 rpm; holding torque from 0.18 up to 18.5 Nm, winding voltages from 48 to 560 V; optimized inertia and extremely low cogging torque. Optional features include: standard resolver or encoder (including single cable HIPERFACE - DSL interface), holding brake, and connector choices.

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