Yaskawa Launches Social Media

What is Social Media?

A form of internet marketing which seeks to achieve branding and marketing communication goals through the participation in various:

Social Media Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook)
Microblogs (Twitter)
Social Bookmarking (Digg)
Social Media Sharing (Flickr, YouTube)
Blogs, Forums, and News Aggregators
Each social media site can be optimized to generate awareness and/or traffic.


We are excited to launch "Yaskawa" on Twitter and would like to invite you to follow us at

Twitter is a simple but surprisingly effective and addictive way of communicating. You are restricted to 140 characters per message, but thanks to Web technology those notes can be easily written and uploaded and then shared and downloaded, making it very effective at spreading small snippets of information quickly. We will be providing quick updates on work Yaskawa is doing - highlighting an official announcement, announcing new products, or pointing out something of particular relevance - like recent videos on energy savings and MotionWorks IEC.

So if you've heard about Twitter and wondered what on earth people are talking about, come join the Yasakwa Twitter feed and try it out!


We would like to invite you to join our "Yaskawa Electric America" group on LinkedIn at

Groups are designed for you to get real-time information from peers and experts regarding VFDs and Motion Control, safety trends, events, and products. Share information, opinions, and best practices that focus on current technologies and products used in various applications. The Yaskawa Electric America group is designed to share information, opinions, and best practices with a focus on current technologies and products used in industrial control and automation.

Find out more about LinkedIn or if you already have a LinkedIn profile, please join our Yaskawa group today.

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