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Drives Family on One Platform

A new comprehensive drives line from Siemens, which includes both variable frequency and servo products, consolidates drive management.

Sinamics is a new family of AC drives from Siemens that operate on a standard platform.
Sinamics is a new family of AC drives from Siemens that operate on a standard platform.

“Our customers are asking us to help them meet faster time-to-market, greater productivity and increased manufacturing flexibility,” noted Aubert Martin, president of Siemens Energy & Automation, as he presented Sinamics, a family of AC drives that operate on a standard platform.

Sinamics users can select, start up and configure the correct drive for their applications at any power range from 120 watts to more than 1 Megawatt with the same software. As a result, manufacturers can streamline simple and complex multi-drive manufacturing operations, giving them new ways to push cost out of their processes and stay more competitive.

“With Sinamics, Siemens has made a tremendous investment in the next generation of drives technology,” continued Martin. “We’ve spent a significant amount of time and resources over the past several years researching and developing this product line, which builds upon expertise from Siemens worldwide and defines our commitment to bringing the latest innovations to U.S. businesses.”

Common engineering tools, “Sizer” and “Starter,” select and configure any drive solution available, from basic variable frequency drives to complex motion control. The actual Sinamics drives family consists of G and S models. The G drives are designed for general to high-performance, stand-alone drives applications. The S drives take a unique approach to coordinated drives with servo functions.

All in the family

The G110 is a compact, low-power AC drive frequency inverter for the low-cost, high-volume marketplace operating variable-speed, three-phase motors on single-phase line power supplies. It is rated for 200 to240 volt input with a power range of 1/6 horsepower to 4 horsepower.

The G130 is a modular, high-power drive for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who construct their own drive enclosures. Rated from 500 to 800 horsepower, the G130 is comprised of a power chassis that operates on three-phase, 400-480 volt AC power.

The G150 is a high-horsepower, AC/AC 6-pulse general purpose enclosed drive available from 150 to 800 HP at 400 to 480 volts and 100 to 1,100 horsepower at 660 to 690 volts, and in mid-2005, at 500 to 600 volts. The drive is designed for a wide variety of applications including pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, extruders and mills.

The S120 can operate in vector or servo control modes, making it ideal for printing, packaging, converting, plastics and paper industries. It features a multi-axis 460-volt drive system in a bookshelf format up to 125 horsepower.

The S150 high-performance enclosed drive is quiet and compact with active controls for stable operation, even under poor supply system conditions. An enclosed drive, it is rated for 150 to 1,250 horsepower, 400 to 480 volts and 1,500 horsepower, 660 to 690 volts.

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