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Near Field Communication Connection to Smart Motors

Lenze’s Smart Motor product brings smartphone programmability to drive parameter setting.

Lenze's Smart Motor with smartphone programmability on display at Hannover Fair 2014.
Lenze's Smart Motor with smartphone programmability on display at Hannover Fair 2014.

While perusing the countless aisles at Hannover Fair 2014, I had the opportunity to see the Lenze’s new Smart Motor product, which uses Near Field Communication for setting of operation parameters via a smartphone. If you not familiar with Near Field Communication (NFC), think about it like Bluetooth with less range but more security.

According to analyst firm IHS, NFC is a technology originally developed by Philips Electronics and Sony Corp. that allows interconnection among devices within a range of about 4 to 8 inches. “NFC’s main advantage is its intrinsic security level, ensured by the limited communication range of the technology that, together with a single point-to-point connection, will limit any interception possibilities,” according to IHS. “On top of the intrinsic security, NFC technology supports advanced cryptography, which makes NFC-based systems suitable for financial and other kinds of secure transactions.”

Designed for conveyance applications and without a contactor or starter, fixed speeds—ranging from
500 to 2600 rpm—can be set on the Lenze Smart Motor as needed using an NFC-capable smartphone. This ability, according to Lenze, reduces the number of different 
gearbox ratios needed and thus different drive versions by
up to 70 percent.

Other Lenze Smart Motor features include:
• Integrated ramps for smooth acceleration and deceleration to protect the system mechanics and the goods being conveyed;
• Integrated full motor protection;
• 3 digital inputs for changing speed and direction of rotation;
• 1 digital output for status messages;
• Contactless and de-energized via NFC; and
• Meets strict energy efficiency requirements.

Another new Lenze product on display at Hannover Fair was the company’s new g700 planetary gearbox. This gearbox is designed for use in conjunction with synchronous motors, Lenze’s i700 servo controllers, and HMI systems in multi-axis materials-handling applications. The one-, two- and three-stage g700 planetary gearboxes come in five sizes and cover torques ranging from 20 to 800 Nm.

The video below explains the Lenze Smart Motor in detail.

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