Festo Introduces a New Generation Closed Loop Position Controller for Quarter Turn Actuators - The CMSX

The Festo CMSX delivers proportional closed loop control, energy savings, safety, and more at a price nearly half that of typical closed-loop position solutions in the process industries.

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Festo introduces the CMSX, the first in a new generation of process industry closed loop position controllers for quarter turn actuators. The new CMSX delivers high functionality at a price significantly less than that of typical closed loop position solutions.

The electro-pneumatic CMSX positioner provides proportion closed loop control for liquids, gases, or any application utilizing a quarter turn actuator, in such industries as food and beverage, water/wastewater, paper manufacturing, and pharmaceutical.

The unit is equipped with two digital output signals for alarms and a 4-20mA output signal that provides data on the actual position of the valve for greater overall feedback and closed loop control. For maximum energy savings, once the position of the actuator is reached, the unit goes into rest mode and air consumption drops to zero. Most other positioners continue to bleed air while in a rest state causing a higher demand on the overall pneumatic system. To ensure safety the unit can be predefined to fail in-place or in the open or closed position, therefore the OEM can design with the confidence of predefined fail positions in the event of an electrical system failure or use of the digital input signal for emergency shutdown mode.The CMSX is self-commissioning for simple set up and commissioning – users simply push a button. The CMSX comes standard with a teach function that makes it easy to delineate the valve’s specified range of motion. And, each unit can accommodate 0-10V, 4-20mA, or 0-20mA input, which simplifies ordering – one part number covers all three.

The CMSX is an ideal positioner for the robust and multi-functional Festo DFPB quarter turn actuator. The CMSX meets the IP65 standard for dust and water protection and the ISO 5211 mounting standard. The housing is made from a technical polymer that is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. Signal and position information is displayed via a back lit LED screen.

“The CMSX closed loop positioner was designed from the ground up to answer the short comings of today’s closed loop proportional position controllers for quarter turn actuators, namely in the areas of cost, energy consumption, and safety,” said Craig Correia, Process Automation Industry Manager for Festo. “Most positioners for quarter turn actuators cannot match the control, feedback, and simple set up of the CMSX.”

Key technical specifications

  • Input signal - 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V
  • Feedback signal, standard - 4 ... 20 mA
  • Pressure range - 43.5 ... 116 PSI
  • Operating temperature - 23 ... 140 °F
  • Rotation angle - 0 ... 110°
  • Repetition accuracy - ±3%
  • Air consumption at rest - 0 l/min
  • Flow rate - 100 l/min (P = 86 PSI)

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