Mechatronics Certificate for Mechanical Components

A new test from PMMI covers the principles and applications of the most commonly found mechanical drive components.

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The near constant state of evolving automation technologies, coupled with the increasing number of Millennials entering the industrial workforce, is creating a growing need for companies to ascertain specific levels of knowledge when it comes to new technology. And nowhere is that more important than in the area of mechatronics—where mechanical and electrical components come together to create everything from packaging machinery to robotics.

To address this issue, PMMI (the parent company of Automation World) launched its Mechatronics Certificate Tests in 2010 to address four key areas of modern manufacturing technology: mechanical, electrical, controls, and computer science. Now PMMI has launched the pilot for its Mechanical Components 2 test. The pilot phase of this test is open until December 21, 2015, and participants who achieve a passing score will receive the PMMI Mechatronics certificate for Mechanical Components 2 free of charge.

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The topics covered in Mechanical Components 2 build on the Mechanical Components 1 test and address technologies and components such as bearings, gaskets and seals, advanced gear drives, brakes and clutches, linear systems, conveyor systems, predictive maintenance, precision laser shafts, and central lube systems.

This test certificate is aimed at entry-level technicians involved in the assembly, test, startup, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or upgrade of basic packaging machinery modules.

In addition to a chance to obtain this certificate at no charge, PMMI is also raffling off prizes to three lucky participants who complete the pilot test by December 21st. The prizes to be raffled are:

  • 1st Prize – Sony PS4
  • 2nd Prize – Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • 3rd Prize – Ipad Mini

The sign-up page for the pilot test can be accessed directly here.

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