Next-Generation Motion Technology Demonstrated

Kollmorgen demonstrates of its new, market-leading industrial servo drive and its new configurable, synchronous servomotor.


Kollmorgen came to PACK EXPO International ready to demo its new motion technology, the new AKD2G servo drive and AKM2G servomotor system solution—hygienic motor solutions for packaging applications and state-of-the-art robotics.

According to Kollmorgen, the dual-axis AKD2G (pictured) is one of the most power-dense industrial servo drives on the market. It substantially reduces mains wiring, fuses and filtering to save panel space and cost. Highlights include plug-and-play compatibility to Kollmorgen motors and Workbench interface, as well as an optimized hybrid connector. Speed is another highlight, according to Kollmorgen, which claims its multicore Compute Engine, Servo on a Chip is more powerful than other servo drives. The AKD2G’s current loop update rate of 1.28 microseconds accommodates changing load conditions immediately. Kollmorgen also noted the drive's market-leading velocity and position loops updates, which register at 62.5 microseconds and 125 microseconds respectively..

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