Galil Motion Control Inc: Improved Tuning, Scope and Analysis Tool for Galil Motion Controllers

Galil Motion Control, is announcing its GalilSuite Revision 1.0 Software Package.

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Galil Motion Control, is announcing its GalilSuite Revision 1.0 Software Package. This is their latest generation software for configuring, analyzing and tuning Galil’s motion control systems. GalilSuite replaces Galil's prior generation GalilTools and WSDK software. It is a powerful, flexible tool for configuring, analyzing and tuning Galil motion and I/O controllers. GalilSuite Revision 1.0 provides an improved user interface, enhanced servo tuning capabilities with multiple tuning methods, real-time scopes, multiple device management and simplified communications.
The GalilSuite software package provides eight tools for working with Galil controllers:

  •  Launcher – manages controller connections
  •  Configuration – defines various parameters and provides backup/restore capability
  •  Terminal – for entering and receiving controller commands
  •  Editor – allows writing, saving and executing application programs
  •  Viewer – provides a graphical display of controller and I/O status
  •  Scope – captures and plots controller data such as motor position and velocity
  •  Tuner – for selecting controller PID parameters for optimal servo system response
  •  Watch – displays controller and I/O status in a tabular format.

The new Tuner Tool has four methods for tuning with a graphical view of multiple tuning responses. The Scope Tool provides informative scope measurements, yet it's easy to use due to a tracking cursor and intuitive zooming capabilities. An auto-completion tool with predictive source code suggestions, auto-insertion of subroutines, tracking of subroutine labels and a project module that allows code re-use all make the Editor Tool a powerful development tool.
GalilSuite's new user-interface has a tool-bar presentation and tabs to organize multiple connections. This allows GalilSuite to act as a seamless application that is easy to manage and maintain.
"GalilSuite users will now be able to view and manage systems of any size all at once by managing multiple controllers and unlimited I/O for distributed applications," said Ann Keffer, director of marketing at Galil Motion Control, Inc. "This new time-saving feature significantly reduces the complexity of managing large motion controller and I/O installations."
GalilSuite currently works with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP Service Pack 3. Additional platforms are available upon request. Mac and Linux support will be available in the near future. GalilSuite can be used with Galil's current generation motion controller products.

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