ABB: Small Motor Drives

The ACS250 series is designed for simple machine interface.

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Drives are available in power levels from 0.37 to 15 kW, with input voltages from 120 V single-phase to 600 V three-phase. Both IP 20 and IP 66 enclosures are available; the latter was designed with materials that meet stringent hygiene standards, preventing the drive from trapping bacteria, and allowing the drive to thrive in harsh environments that contain dust, moisture and chemicals. All the drives include a built-in Modbus-RTU serial communication. Intuitive key pad control and build-in macros make commissioning straightforward. IP66 enclosures are available with or without switch featuring a speed potentiometer, and a power isolator. The 500 to 600 V advanced product types also feature CAN open interface and built-in safe-torque-off (STO) function. Options include a remote keypad for easy cabinet installations, a parameter upload/download tool for straightforward commissioning, a relay output card, UL Type 4X/IP66 frames for harsh environments (standard is standard IP20), a disconnect switch for UL Type 4X/IP66 frames, and a Modbus RS-485 RJ45 cable splitter.

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