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The IronHorse line of motors and drives now includes the GSD series of DC drives.

Aw 21463 1403np Automationdirect

The GSD1 series drives are pulse-width-modulated (PWM) controllers for 12-36 V battery/solar-powered equipment and feature adjustable maximum/minimum speed, current limit, IR compensation and acceleration. GSD3 series drives are general-purpose, variable-speed controllers for small DC and universal motor applications up to 1/3 hp. GSD4 series drives are for permanent magnet, shunt-wound, and universal motors up to 2 hp. GSD5 series general-purpose DC drives are rated to 2 hp, with dual input voltage (120/240 VAC and 50/60 Hz), and are offered in open-frame and NEMA 4/12 enclosed models. The GSD6 offers many standard features typically offered as options by other DC drives. The GSD7 series DC drives, available up to 2 hp, are designed for instant reversing, quick stopping, and rapid cycling to outperform other dynamic braking and reversing drives by using zero-speed detection and dynamic braking circuits; the zero-speed detect circuit also eliminates motor plug reversing problems; additional features include 0.5-second fixed acceleration, automatic dynamic braking on power loss, line voltage compensation, and more.

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